Endura Technologies is a Dublin-based fabless semiconductor company providing power management solutions. We intend to transform power management in SoC through constant disruptive innovation. We have developed a patented system level solution addressing the challenges of low power devices at advanced process nodes. We have assembled, and will continue to augment, a world class team with deep technical expertise in power management and mobile SoCs.

Endura Solutions

eVR: embedded high efficiency, ultra-fast response, cost-effective voltage regulator tailored for demanding application domains of SoC like CPU and GPU
sVR: high efficiency, fast response, cost-effective ​stand-alone system PMIC voltage regulator solution for less demanding application domains of SoC

The Bridgewest Group is a closely held investment company with global assets in the biotech, wireless communications, infrastructure for "internet of things," semiconductor, commercial and residential real estate, asset management and financial services industries.

The Bridgewest Group is an opportunistic investor that creates long-term value through the application of superior industry knowledge, operational expertise and significant financial resources to attractive investment opportunities.