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Data Scientist

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Location: San Diego, California

About Endura Technologies
Endura Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company providing state of the art, disruptive chipset solutions in Power Management and Smart Audio across a wide spectrum of applications from Mobile devices, IoT, Personal Computers, and Cloud Servers.

Endura’s patented technology offers ultra-fast switching regulators with the smallest form factor in the world, providing high performance and ultra-low power through best-in-class efficiency. Endura’s proprietary low power and small size Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation combined with its innovative Analog Front-End (AFE) offers solutions for intelligent IoT, smart Audio, and other applications with best-in-class SNR and AOP.

Researching Features:

  • Building & optimizing classifiers using machine learning techniques
  • Design, training & simulation of Deep Neural Network (DNN) architectures using standard AI libraries
  • Data mining using state-of-the-art statistical methods
  • Data augmentation, extension & enhancement of AI database
  • Enhancing data collection procedures to include info relevant for building analytic systems
  • Data collection, processing, & verifying the integrity of sensor data used for Deep Neural Network model generation & performance eval
  • Ensuring product quality of AI subsystem SW/Tools for the full product life cycle.
  • Performance evaluation of AI algorithms
  • Collaboration with development teams to support SW/Tools implementation.


  • Master’s degree or equivalent in Electrical Engineering or related field
  • 6 months of experience in job offered or related.
  • 6 months experience in the following:
    • Training & optimization of deep neural network architectures like CNN / RNN
    • Python AI/Data Science libraries
    • Data processing using digital signal processing techniques
    • Data augmentation techniques
    • Object/event detection algorithms
    • Creating, cleaning & labeling datasets for deep learning frameworks
    • Applied statistics, like distributions, statistical testing, regression, etc
    • Scripting (Python) & programming (C or C++)
    • Data visualization tools in Python / MATLAB
    • Machine learning techniques & algorithms.
  • M-F, 9am-5pm

Please send Resumes to: Bridgewest Capital Management LLC,