Senior Data Scientist

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Senior Data Scientist

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Endura Technologies

Endura Technologies is a San Diego-based fabless semiconductor company providing power management and AI ASICs. We intend to transform power management in SoC and implement highly scalable smart edge platforms through constant disruptive innovation. We have assembled, and will continue to augment, a world class team with deep technical expertise in power management and AI platforms for edge devices including mobile, wearable, and IoT sensor SoCs.

Job Description

We are looking for a data scientist that will help us with the algorithm, architecture design, and simulation of our AI platforms to be implementable in power constrained edge computing accelerators and ultra-low energy SoCs. We are currently focusing on audio analytics including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Acoustic Event Detection (AED), as well as, highly efficient general-purpose Deep Learning Accelerators (DLAs). This position requires an innovative, dedicated, and team player data scientist to help us make smarter decisions in delivering world class products and platforms. Your primary focus will be in applying machine learning and data mining techniques, performing statistical analysis, and building high quality prediction systems integrated with our products.


  • Selecting features, building and optimizing classifiers using machine learning techniques
  • Design and simulation of various Deep Neural Network (DNN) architectures
  • Data mining using state-of-the-art methods
  • Data augmentation, extension and enhancement of our training data base
  • Enhancing data collection procedures to include information that is relevant for building analytic systems
  • Processing, cleansing, and verifying the integrity of data used for analysis
  • Performing ad-hoc analysis and presenting results in a clear manner
  • Close Collaboration with ASIC development and Software teams to ensure feasibility and integrity of the system design

Skills and Qualifications

  • Excellent understanding and experience with design and optimization of different neural network architectures such as CNN, RNN, RBM, DBN, etc.
  • Excellent understanding of machine learning techniques and algorithms, such as k-NN, Naive Bayes, SVM, HMM, Decision Forests, etc.
  • Excellence in Python AI Libraries PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras etc. Experience with other common data science toolkits, such as R, Weka, and MatLab.
  • Experience in using query languages such as SQL, Hive, Pig or NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase etc, is a plus
  • Good applied statistics skills, such as distributions, statistical testing, regression, etc.
  • Experience with data visualization tools, such as D3.js, GGplot, desired
  • Good scripting and programming skills
  • Familiarity with audio processing and analysis algorithms is highly desired
  • Great communication skills
  • Minimum MSc in CS, EE, or other related fields. PhD is preferred