Sensor Overview

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Shaping the future of Smart Sensors with innovative solutions

We created the first Integrated Smart Microphone with AI for Edge Processing. Our patented technology addresses the design complexities required for higher output, better audio quality and reduced form factor, as well as several AI capabilities such as biometric authentication, enhanced video, personal assistants, and security.

The Analog Front End (AFE) delivers superior performance for the ultra-low power MEMS Microphones with a high-performance sigma-delta Data Converter, ADC. It is the highest fidelity and lowest power consumption microphone chip on the market, boasting 72db+ SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) and 140db+ SPL (Sound Pressure Level), and 50% less surface area. Its rich feature set consumes up to 50% less power as compared to competitive chips. Design customization and production cost efficiencies make it one of the most coveted chips available.

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Endura Technologies smart microphone diagram