Power Management

Chaoyang’s unique power management technology based on its patented ultra-fast switching regulator and droop mitigation reduces power usage up to 50%, board footprint size 65%, and increases performance 20%. This disruptive technology can be fully integrated in the worlds smallest power module with all passives included or as embedded IP. Alternatively, it can be integrated into a next generation PMIC for mobile chipsets.



Our state of the art intelligent AFE for MEMS microphone design provides the highest signal to noise ratio and SPL values in the market. Offering best in class AI speech and event detection capabilities, our audio products bring smart features to the edge. These features enable much needed security and safety applications for devices.


IOT Platform- General purpose IOT end product for any application

Chaoyang’s smart IOT platform addresses the challenges in the IOT industry by implementing its core IP’s plus artificial intelligence creating a solution that results in lower power and high performance while taking advantage of area. Local edge computing capabilities allow secure platforms with selective communication needs breaking the dependency on cloud for computing.


AI Engine

Our AI platform is constructed upon highly optimized sets of neural networks which can be applied to numerous applications ranging from sensors, mobile devices, and wearables to edge accelerators and beyond. Our proprietary implementations enable highly energy efficiency architectures with the smallest form factor. Hardware level training capabilities allows us to provide state of the art security,
performance, and battery life through smart, local, and secure communication protocols.”