Dr. Taner Dosluoglu

Dr. Dosluoglu has more than twenty years of experience leading research and development teams in product development and advancement of technology. He has built and managed design centers, both in US and in Europe, and have been involved in successful development of innovative products that span a wide range from scientific applications such as SDSS CCDs in Apache Point Observatory, STIS detectors in Hubble telescope to consumer electronics in imaging, audio, and power management integrated circuits. Prior to founding Chaoyang Technologies, he was at Dialog Semiconductor responsible for Advanced Products. He has started his career at Tektronix Inc. Beaverton, Oregon in 1992 and joined Scientific Imaging Technologies in 1995.

In 2000, he joined Sarnoff Corporation where he has co-authored numerous key papers on image sensors and developed a strong patent portfolio. He started working at Dialog Semiconductor in 2003 following Dialog’s acquisition of the CMOS Image Sensors Division at Sarnoff Corporation where he was working as the Technical Team Leader. In 2005 he has participated in the spin-off of Digital Imaging Systems establishing close technical collaboration with companies including Kodak and IBM. Dr. Taner Dosluoglu has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Oregon Health Sciences University – Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology. He holds a B.Sc. degree in both Physics and Electrical Engineering from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey. He has 48 issued patents and numerous papers covering wide range of topics in device modeling, adaptive system solutions, and digital filtering techniques applied to semiconductor devices.

Dr. Hassan Ihs

After a degree in Advanced Mathematics Dr. Hassan Ihs decided to pursue his University studies in Electrical Engineering that leaded him to defend a Ph.D. thesis on Built-In Self-Test of Mixed signal ICs that he obtained with the highest honors at the University of Montpellier, France in 1997. Dr. Hassan Ihs pursued his career at various companies in US and Europe including Intel, Motorola and NXP as a senior/principal Mixed Signal design engineer. His mantra in conducting his engineering work is Solve it or Mathematically prove it is a deadlock then move on to a different angle of attack.

He also believes that keeping hands in even at higher executive positions is key to innovativeness of a start-up company. Dr. Hassan Ihs has filled more than 30 first-author patents and published 22 papers in various IEEE journals and conferences. He believes the key to success of a semiconductor start-up company relies on the disruptive and game changing nature of the technology portfolio. Dr. Hassan Ihs created his first start-up company in 2009 where he was first to offer an advanced Audio Speaker Driver product that implements digital modulation using an analog sigma delta ADC in feedback. The bottleneck of instability due to building blocks latencies has been innovatively solved. The architecture is now a standard in today’s Mobile and automotive Audio equipment’s.

In 2013, Dr. Hassan Ihs cofounded Chaoyang Technologies with few veterans and successful entrepreneurs of the semiconductor industry to offer innovative products in Mobile and IoT Power Management. He is now the Chief Technology Officer of the company.

Al Zahedi

Prior to joining ChaoyangTechnologies as Executive Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, Al served as Co-founder and Chief Executive Marketing & Product Operations for My Circle Health Inc.

Al has built his executive career at some of the largest and most respected fortune 500 corporations in the world such as Qualcomm, Motorola, Medtronic, ST Micro and ITT.

Al Zahedi

As Vice President of Product/Business Management for Power Management IC products at Qualcomm, he took over a badly stressed PMIC business successfully re-defined, developed, managed and grew this highly complex product line, increased attach rate to Qualcomm chipset from 8% to 100%, delivering aggressive revenue growth of over a $1.4 Billion dollars annually with solid profit margins 60%+ within just 5 years.

Previous to that, he held number of highly strategic and visible leadership positions such as:

  • Sr. Director of Analog Business Operations at Freescale Semiconductor.
  • Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Medtronic Inc. the leader in Medical Pacemakers.
  • At Motorola, he held several visible positions with P&L responsibilities such as Sr. Director of Business/ head of Product Engineering Operation managing Motorola’s largest global Analog product lines producing over $2 Billion revenue annually, winning major accounts such as Intel mother board Power supply ICs and all HP Inkjet printer drivers.
  • For On Semi (a Motorola Spin off) he managed all the Analog Power IC product lines growing business to $750 million dollars annually within just the first year and a half.
  • At ST Microelectronic, the largest European (Franco-Italian) semiconductor company, he aggressively expanded their power management products in US Automotive Power and Audio markets, responsible for all the Ford ,GM and Chrysler accounts.
  • At ITT Courier in Arizona, Al was developing and managing the R&D Electrical Engineering lab that designed and developed the first largest LCD display panel in the world, this was the father of today’s LCD TV.

Dr. Saeid Safavi

As Chaoyang CIO, Dr. Saeid Safavi is leading the Artificial Intelligence platforms and products. He is an industry-leading technologist and thought leader in advanced digital signal processing, AI implementation, and wireless technologies. Dr. Safavi brings 26 years of broad engineering, R & D, and management expertise with technical leadership in AI and Machine Learning, Digital Design, Wireless (5G Broadband, Wi-Fi, Cellular), multimedia and chip industries within successful start-ups, as well as, global companies. At Chaoyang Technologies, Dr. Safavi drives the implementation of a new breath of AI-driven technologies to enhance the company’s innovative platforms.

These platforms include smart microphones and speakers, smart sensors, edge and cloud computing AI accelerators, as well as, the technology roadmap and R&D efforts for company’s future portfolio of AI-based products and services.

Prior to joining Chaoyang, Dr. Safavi was VP of engineering at Skyriver Communications, a San Diego based ISP where he supported design and implementation an in-house 5G class broadband access technology, enhanced by smart antenna and AI platforms. His AI focus was on platforms for network and user’s QoE optimization deep learning applied to network and operations optimization. While at Skyriver Dr. Safavi filed multiple patent applications and was selected as a nominee for San Diego’s top executive awards of 2018. Dr. Safavi held key technology management roles with industry giants such as Director of Advanced System Engineering lab for Samsung R&D and Director of Enterprise Wireless Technologies at FutureWei Technologies, a Huawei America Company. While in these companies he introduced a significant amount of new technologies and filed various patents. At Samsung Saeid introduced an AI-based smart edge platform that would apply across an echo system of Samsung products and devices to enhance quality of user experience (QoE). Prior to that Dr. Safavi was the CTO and founder of Gigariver Inc., where he incubated, and developed a new AI-based SaaS product and Web Services.

Dr. Safavi has various patents, including over 40 granted patents and applications, and has authored numerous published works including many technical papers. While at Samsung, he was selected to complete the UC Berkeley’s Engineering Leadership Professional Program, ELPP, a program made parallel to a technology-focused MBA that is offered to top-performing engineering managers. His PhD work focused on wireless communications received FW Carter Prize for the best PhD thesis of the year 1996 by University of Leeds, UK, and he holds an MSc and a BSc in electrical engineering both completed with first rank classification.

John Rowland

As COO of Chaoyang, John brings 25 years of Operations experience to the firm. John started his career at Ericsson in the US developing land mobile radio handsets for public safety organizations. At Ericsson he transitioned into developing cellular derivative products for specialty markets in South America which started his career in the cellular industry. After Ericsson, John quickly moved into the semiconductor industry at Rockwell Semiconductors (which eventually became Skyworks) to develop RF system architectures used in GSM mobile phone chipsets. After Rockwell, he joined his first startup, Mobilink Telecom (acquired by Broadcom), to create a turnkey solution that provided ASICs as well as software, hardware, and customer manufacturing support that enabled smaller mobile phone companies to compete against the largest cellphone manufacturers that previously dominated the market.

After leaving Broadcom, John worked at several startup companies in the semiconductor industry working on mobile phone chipsets as well as RFID before landing most recently at Spreadtrum/Unisoc.

During his tenure at Spreadtrum/Unisoc, John relocated to Shanghai to lead the hardware platform team, hardware customer service team, the RFIC development team, and the IC packaging/codesign team. Over those 10 years, Spreadtrum grew from 400 people to over 5000 with annual revenue growing from $0 to nearly $2B. John’s team members also grew during this time to support over 100 cellphone customers including Tier 1 companies like Samsung and Huawei with 500 engineers and teams in 4 countries (US, India, Korea, and China), and more than 10 cities.

John graduated from Virginia Tech with both his BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering with specialties in RF, electronics, and electromagnetics.

Saum Vahdat

Saum Vahdat is Managing Partner of Bridgewest Ventures (BV) and the Bridgewest Group’s Director of Finance and Corporate Strategy. Mr. Vahdat leads investment strategy for Bridgewest Ventures while leading corporate strategy for BV’s investment holdings. In this role, Mr. Vahdat also provides leadership to Bridgewest Ventures’ portfolio companies, Mr. Vahdat is currently Chaoyang’s acting Director of Finance and Corporate Strategy.

He is also responsible for leading the Group’s finance and business development initiatives. Previously Mr. Vahdat worked with Johnson & Johnson’s venture capital platform, assisting with commercialization strategy formation and market research. Prior to J&J, Mr. Vahdat led financial analysis and business development at a real estate investment firm. Mr. Vahdat graduated from Cornell University with an MBA focused on Finance and Strategy.