Pioneering Chipsets for Power Management and Smart Sensing

Endura Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company providing state of the art chipset solutions in Power Management and Smart Sensor across a wide spectrum of applications such as mobile IoT, personal computers, and cloud servers.

Our high performance ultra-fast switching regulators have the smallest form factor in the world, plus an ultra-low powerutilization. The low power, small size Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation combined with our innovative Analog Front-End (AFE) offers solutions for intelligent IoT, Smart Audio, and other applications with best-in-class SNR and AOP.

Our technology portfolio sustains an ecosystem of products and services that together deliver an enhanced customized user experience enabling low power and low latency intelligence at the edge. Novel engineering and agile operations coupled with a customer-centric approach has fueled the company’s stellar reputation among equipment and product manufacturers, OEMs, ODMs and SoC chipset suppliers, for nearly a decade.

Our history exemplifies our engineering expertise and achievements

Endura Technologies has an enduring history stemming from innovative development, and experienced leadership, with a company culture devoted to developing solutions. We own a rich portfolio of patents with game-changing IP.

We’re backed by the global private equity firm Bridgewest Group, long recognized for fuelling disruptive technologies in Semiconductor, Software, Biotech and AI. Capitalized at over $3B, Bridgewest Group augments growth with resources from around the world.

Company history

Endura Technologies Company Timeline