Endura Technologies Michael Sanie

Michael Sanie, CEO

Michael leads Endura Technologies' mission to transform SoC power delivery. His career spans several executive roles in diverse businesses and multifunctional responsibilities. Most recently, he was chief marketing executive and Senior VP of Enterprise Marketing and Communications at Synopsys, where he also held leadership roles as VP of Marketing and Strategy for the Design Business and VP of Product Management for the Verification Business. Michael previously held executive and senior marketing positions at Cadence, Calypto, Numerical, and Actel, as well as IC design and software engineering positions at VLSI Technology (now NXP Semiconductors). Michael holds BSECE and MSEE degrees from Purdue University and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Endura Technologies Keith DeHaven

Keith DeHaven, VP of Engineering and Platforms, Research & Development

As VP of Engineering and Platforms, Keith is responsible for global chip and software development across all Endura products. His vast experience spans key engineering and product roles within the semiconductor industry. Keith’s previous experience includes leadership roles at PsiQuantum, Qualcomm, Ikanos Communications, Xilinx, Freescale, and Motorola Semiconductor. Keith holds a BSEE in Digital and Electro-Optics from the University of Tennessee.

Endura Technologies Hassan Ihs

Dr. Hassan Ihs, CTO

As Co-founder and CTO of Endura Technologies, Hassan fuels exciting technology and architecture development. Hassan created and developed much of Endura’s power management technology and is the inventor of numerous patents. He has extensive expertise, specializing in mixed-signal design. Much of Hassan's pioneering work in power management and MEMS microphones are recognized as industry-standards. Previously, Hassan held leadership roles at NXP Semiconductor, Primachip, Freescale Semiconductor, and Intel. Hassan holds a PhD in Microelectronics from University of Montpellier, France.

Endura Technologies John Rowland

John Rowland, VP of Manufacturing

As VP of Manufacturing, John spearheads Endura’s manufacturing partnerships with foundry and packaging supply partners. John has been instrumental in the engineering of analog semiconductor products throughout his career. Prior to joining Endura, John held senior engineering roles at Spreadtrum/Unisoc, Broadcom, Skyworks, and Ericsson. John holds MSEE and BSEE degrees from Virginia Tech.

Board of Directors

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