A New, System-Level Approach to Power Delivery with Patented, Silicon-Proven Technology

Conventional general-purpose PMICs (Power Management Integrated Circuits) are being disrupted, paving the way for advanced SoCs to pair with application-specific power delivery. The insatiable demand for more computing and storage performance has given rise to massively scaled semiconductor server solutions. In the automotive segment, the rise of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and autonomous driving technologies coupled with energy demands of electric vehicles are reshaping automotive SoC power delivery. The result is a shifting focus on cost, efficiency, and scalability of power delivery across frequency, load, and voltage options, with noise levels optimized per target application.

Endura is developing a system-level, holistic approach and platform to address the power demands of ICs, chiplets and in-package structures.

Endura’s silicon-demonstrated disruptive innovations are protected by 60+ patents to address board-level, package-level and on-chip power delivery that is programmable and adaptable. The patented BDDC (Bypass Dual Duty Cycle) control architecture revolutionizes power delivery management by eliminating routing losses, minimizing heat dissipation, and streamlining of passive components within intricate chips and systems.

Through an intelligently designed power delivery architecture, a portfolio of designs/chiplets, and an extensive set of silicon-proven IP, these innovations are already enabling significant impact on the development of systems in automotive, data centers, and other high-growth segments.
Endura Technologies 20% more performance
Endura Technologies 50% less dissipated power
Power (Heat)
Endura Technologies 75% less area
Endura Technologies 50% less overall cost
Here are some details of the impact Endura Technologies’ revolutionary approach can deliver.
Endura Datacenter Application Study
Endura Memory Application Study
Endura Notebooks with PCIe Gen5 SSD Application Study
Endura Module Application Study
Endura Automotive Application Study

These represent only a glimpse of the complete picture. Reach out to the Endura Technologies team for further information.

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